Please include your departure information, ie where you are leaving from and what time your train departs. This way, our driver can find out the platform on which you will be arriving and can meet you at the platfrom barrier to assist you with your luggage.

(Please note that we will be unable to meet you at the main entrance to the station due to waiting restrictions.)

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(time in 24 hour clock HH:MM, click help if necessary)

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Please remember - you MUST receive confirmation for your booking to be valid.

Meadway will always do their utmost to ensure you receive your car at the time you require it. However, due to the nature of road travel, traffic conditions, weather conditions and unforseen circumstances this is not always possible. We ask for your co-operation and understanding when delays may occur. Filling in, submitting or printing this form does not constitute a written contract between the user and Meadway.

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